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hi my name is hobie and i usually follow back unless your blog is shit
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The Walking Dead Season Five Comic Con Trailer

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ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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ASMR videos are harder to explain than porn.

tell someone about the weird ass fetishes you have and what you search for on porn sites and everyones like “oh yeah i like that”. but try to tell someone that you like to listen to someone scratch a book for 2 hours and suddenly youre a fucking freak.

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so I discovered this thing on YouTube called ASMR and it’s used to relax you and make u feel “tingles”, which are usually felt at the top of the head/spine but I only feel them when I hear it in my right ear and on the right side of my lower back. my biggest trigger is whispering, and once the whispering has “warmed me up” then just about anything can give me tingles

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Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today - Fall Out Boy

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Gavin seeking Ryan’s love
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Gavin seeking Ryan’s love

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Calling Grace a workaholic doesn’t even cut it. Grace is one of the most hard-working Youtubers people out there. Proud to call my idol. [Watch Grace on InBedWithJoan]

Camp Takota | Grace’s Guide Book | itsGrace

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I’ll be half asleep on the floor of a high school gym,
Thinking of you and wondering if anyone else could begin,

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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